Cotto Fiume Del Paradiso

“Live Floor”

Smart Vision “Live Floor”
You can interact with a scenario on the floor.
We create more scene for 1 app.
We create more interaction for 1 game.

Project Description:
An interactive floor for COTTO FIUME DEL PARADISO
at Milan Design Week 2012,Milan, Italy. We’ve 2 programming-
inside an exhibition, first is active when step on a rock a ripple will play under it.
Another one is active as pass a hand on a floor and a candle light will play.

Project :
Cotto Fiume Del Paradiso
Project Commission :
Creative and Design :
Curated :
Chalang Kijphayak, Aniroot Kititthichot
Interactive Media Design :
Apostrophys the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Motion Graphic : Apostrophy’s, Decidekit Co.,Ltd.
Equipment : PM Center Co.,Ltd.


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