Cotto Share The World Preasure Kinect Wall

“Augment the Wall Virtual the World”

Kinect Wall “Augment the Wall Virtual the World”
No need blue or green screen in the back.
We need you come in front of a screen.
We take you come into our virtual world
and interact with an object..

Project Description:
The application that bring people into another world.
We change a scene (e.g. New york. London. Tokyo).
People can interact with an object(e.g.snow, flower and lantern)
in a difference scene. Finally people can take a picture
and send to website.(

Project :
Cotto Share the World Preasure Kinect wall
Project Commission :
Rabbit’s tale Co.,Ltd.
Creative and Design :
Apostrophys the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Interactive Media Design :
Any-i Media
Motion Graphic : Apostrophys

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Project Commission