Digiterior/Central Changwattana

“Action a game”

Smart Sensor “Action a game”
You can create a game by smart sensor. For push, step on, and various action.
Every sensor we provide can interweave
and make a physical game by your creative.

Project Description:

Digiterior/Grand openning at Central Changwattana.
This is Discovery wall It’s not just a ordinary wall,
it’s excitement and unpredictable change, throw/bounce/crash,
then you will know what hide beneath it

Project :
Digiterior/Central Changwattana
Project Commission :
AV Project Co.,Ltd.
Creative and Design :
Apostrophys the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Interactive Media Design :
Apostrophys the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Motion Graphic : Apostrophys
Equipment : AV System Co.,Ltd. .



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digiterior centralchangwattana from supers on Vimeo.

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Central Changwattana