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Hennessy Ipad Game

“Matching and Mixing”

HENNESSY “Matching and Mixing”
Matching game for any client who want to use a game for event, party, road show,
exhibition etc. Just change Interface, you can got a game lower price.

Project Description:

Organizer, Spicydisc, gave us an exciting opportunity to work on a new game for Hennessy
very special by Diageo moet hennessy Ltd.(Thailand). We got 6 iPads from the client to
make a new application. It’s Card Matching game but not a traditional one. You have to
mix and match the right bottle and the right mixer in 12 seconds!!Want to PLAY???
Join the exclusive club sponsored by Hennessy.

Project :
Project Commission :
Spicydisc Co.,Ltd.
Creative & Design Director :
Apostrophy’s The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Interface Designer :
Apostrophy’s + Studio Craftsmanship Co.,Ltd.
Programmer : Apostrophy’s The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.


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Spicydisc Co.,Ltd.