PD Concert

“Experimental Concert ”

PD SHOWTIME CONCERT “Experimental Concert ”
We make a concert with a new perception, new environment and new experimental.

Project Description:

This project, we were responsible for design & construction, In terms of function such
as press conference, after party, stage dynamic, represent DJ as a fashion show, world
famous artists, etc., ‘Swork in construction part, lighting part, motion graphic part and
sequence of the shows. All processes must suit to paramount wording
“the Phenomenon of new radio waves grand opening”, possibly mentioned that this
was truly ‘S CUSTOM MADE project.
In lighting part,‘S gimmick-added style always make some surprise by blended with
our construction part, that installation. Much more than catching the light, turning white
wire into multi colour wire, our“LIGHTING SCENE DESIGN” made the atmosphere and
installation to be extremely zestful.

Project :
PD Showtime Concert
Creative & Design director :
Apostrophy’s the Synthesis Server Co. Ltd
Mapping & Technical supervisor :
Apostrophy’s the Synthesis Server Co. Ltd
Motion graphic designer :
Apostrophy’s, Studio Craftsmanship,
Lighting designer :
Apostrophy’s,  PM Center co. ltd Visual &
Visual & Lighting equipment :
PM Center Co. Ltd


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PD Radio Concert Design by Apostrophy’s from supers on Vimeo.

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PD Showtime