Raptor 2011 The Concert

“Experimental Concert ”

RAPTOR 2011 THE CONCERT “Experimental Concert ”
We make a concert with a new perception, new environment and new experimental.

Project Description:

to create a visually impressive show for the return of 90’s thai boy-band ‘raptor’, each
digital image map captures a different mood, where optical-art patterns, special lighting
and text provide a dramatic experience for those attending.  an octagonal truss at
the center is surrounded with an LED screen to simulate an ambient environment while
beams of constant light radiate  towards the entire venue.

Project :
Raptor 2011 the Concert
Creative & Design director :
Apostrophy’s the Synthesis Server Co. Ltd
Mapping & Technical supervisor :
Apostrophy’s the Synthesis Server Co. Ltd
Motion graphic designer :
Apostrophy’s, Eye dropper fill, Studio Craftsmanship,Jan mantanakorn
Lighting designer :
Apostrophy’s,  PM Center co. ltd
Visual & Lighting equipment :
PM Center Co. Ltd
Organizer & Project director :
Sky-high Network Co. Ltd / Cool 93 fahrenheit


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Sky-high Network Co. Ltd / Cool 93 fahrenheit