SCG Ville Asa 2010

“Creating Your Charactor”

SCG VILLE ASA 2010 “Creating Your Charactor”
Create your home style as you are. Send a message to public screen and get a souvenir.

Project Description:

SCG Ville customize your home is like a negative interaction, which is presented in
the form of Interactive game installation allows players to choose living unit in a way
that suits them. Which contains all four types of FUN (home children) / SMART (home teens)
/ SHARE (home for the family) / CARE (Home Elderly) and the product of the SCG as well
as wall, roof and accessories and when finished will directory of products that are displayed
and the player can add Tel and text comments. All information will be kept to the DATA BASE
of the SCG to the trend analysis determine the direction of development of the group companies
SCG and all images are created in the home on the big screen is made in the city, many people
come to share, and can go to the Information bar for a POP UP that we choose as souvenir.


Project :
Project Commission :
SCG (The Siam Cement Group PLC.)
Creative & Design Director :
Apostrophy’s The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
System Engineer :
Apostrophy’s The Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Interface Designer :
Apostrophys the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Programmer :
Apostrophys the Synthesis Server Co.,Ltd.
Equipment : AV System Co.,Ltd., 4M Media Co.,Ltd.



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SCG Ville @ ASA2011 from supers on Vimeo.

Launch Project 
SCG (The Siam Cement Group PLC.)